Phillip Island in Victoria is known for its diverse range of surf breaks, catering to surfers of all levels. See the people involved in this hobby or even try to catch a wave yourself during Phillip Island tours from Melbourne.

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Surf at Phillip Island

Surfing is usually possible at Phillip Island, where the swell is consistently good, and sheltered breaks are available depending on the wind conditions.

Cape Woolamai offers world-class beach breaks for advanced surfers, while Smiths Beach and YCW Beach are recommended for beginners looking to surf fun, small waves.

Island Surfboards Surf School offers lessons and equipment rentals at their Cowes and Smiths Beach stores for those looking to learn how to surf.

Kayaking at Phillip Island

Kayaking is a popular activity for exploring Phillip Island's coastline, with various locations to discover, such as inlets and coves. Pioneer Kayaking offers kayak tours for those interested.

Pioneer Kayaking provides guided sea kayak tours along Phillip Island's coastline, with locations including Cape Woolamai, Rhyll, Cowes, and Churchill Island.

 Pioneer Kayaking

Are you searching for a unique experience on Phillip Island? Do you crave adventure and exploration away from the beach crowds? Or are you looking for an activity to entertain your family for a few hours?

Pioneer Kayaking offers guided sea kayak tours that allow you to explore the coastline's natural beauty and waterways surrounding Phillip Island, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences.

The tour routes on Phillip Island have been thoughtfully selected to allow visitors to explore the coastline's diverse natural beauty. Options include the Cape Woolamai Coastal, Rhyll Wetlands, Churchill Island, and one-hour 'come and try' tours.

Phillip Island has great surfing spots

Phillip Island National Surfing Reserve was officially dedicated on March 16, 2013, to honour the surfing heritage of the area. National Surfing Reserves is a collaborative effort to acknowledge significant surfing locations in Australia and beyond. The reserve includes four popular surf breaks: Cape Woolamai, Smiths Beach, Summerlands, and Cat Bay.

Popular Surf Spots


Woolamai is a stretch of beach with ever-changing world-class beach breaks, suitable for experienced surfers. From Magic Lands to Forrest Caves, the sand overlays a shallow rock reef, creating crescent-shaped sandbanks ideal for surfing.


The Island offers a variety of surfing spots, from the challenging barrel reef break at Express Point to the more gentle waves at Smiths Beach and YCW Beach, where beginners often catch their first waves.

Smiths Beach and YCW Beachcomber Beach are popular destinations for surf schools, beginners learning to surf, and aspiring surfers practising their skills thanks to the consistent waves.

Cat Bay

The area features high-quality reef breaks on both the left and right sides, allowing for surfing in large swells when the south-facing beaches are affected by onshore winds.

The Cat Bay area features multiple reef breaks, including Flynn's Reef and Right Point, considered the top spots.

Optimal surfing seasons in Phillip Island


From June to August, the crowds decrease, and the water temperatures drop on Phillip Island. This makes it an ideal time for surfers to enjoy bigger swells and less crowded lineups, maximizing the Island's surf potential.


From September to November, springtime on Phillip Island brings warmer water temperatures and changes in swell direction. While there may be fewer ideal surfing days, it is still an excellent time to stay updated on the conditions for short-notice surfing trips.


From December to February, fewer tourists and smaller waves make it an ideal time to visit Phillip Island for those looking to learn how to surf.


phillip island tours from melbourne

The surf conditions around Phillip Island change with seasons from March to May. New swell angles and weather patterns create opportunities for surfing. While the fall may not consistently have great waves like winter, knowing the best times to go can help you find uncrowded surf spots.