Ice cream shops on the Great Ocean Road

The race against the summer heat to catch the drops before they get lost in your hands or on the floor, the sticky, colourful mess surrounding children's smiles, the endless arguments about whether to lick or bite.

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Great Ocean Road has great ice cream shops

Our region produces over 2 billion litres of milk annually, providing plenty of resources for enjoying artisan ice cream this summer. Here is a list of 10 recommended ice cream shops to try. You can sample delicious ice cream and other sweets as we embark on a Great Ocean Road day tour. You will have the opportunity to indulge in the treats.

Timboon Fine Ice Cream

Timboon is a charming village known for its delicious local produce. A visit to Timboon Fine Ice Cream is a must for food lovers. They have a flagship store with a 'Sunday School' classroom for groups. The range of flavours will make choosing challenging, but the Passionfruit Meringue is a favourite.

Port Campbell Ice Creamery

Port Campbell Ice Creamery is the sister store of Timboon Fine Ice Cream and offers a variety of flavours for you to try. Enjoy your ice cream at the beach or on the Jetty for a memorable experience.

Dooley's Ice Cream is located in Apollo Bay

You'll notice numerous awards on the walls when entering Dooley's Ice Cream. The shop offers classic and unique flavours, including seasonal creations with unexpected ingredients. Customers are encouraged to sample flavours before making a decision. Mint Choc Chip is recommended for those unsure of what to choose.

Frost Bite Stone Cold Ice Creamery in Warrnambool

Visit Kepler Street for a cool treat to beat the summer heat. Choose from freshly mixed flavours on a cold rock or ready-made selections made with local Jersey milk from Nullawarre.

Portland Strawberries

Enjoy a break from the beach and visit Portland Strawberries to pick strawberries. They also offer artisan ice creams and frozen yogurts made with freshly picked strawberries on site.

Murray Street Ice Creamery is opening soon in Colac

The Australian dairy brand Bulla plans to open a flagship visitor experience, Murray Street Icecreamery, at their factory site in Murray Street, Colac.

Visitors interested in ice cream and dairy products can experience a full demonstration of the production process at the company's centre.

Visitors can relax and enjoy ice cream or yogurt while seated indoors or outdoors at the source.

Gelato Gelato is in Anglesea and Lorne

Gelato Gelato in Anglesea and Lorne has won national awards for the best gelato in Australia. They are conveniently located in both spots to enhance your day at the beach with delicious treats.

The Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery is in Bellbrae

The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery in Bellbrae, located between Torque and Anglesea, is a popular destination for chocolate lovers. The shop and cafe offer a wide array of fine chocolates and ice cream, making it a sensory experience for visitors. Additionally, there is a walk-up window where only ice cream is served for those who prefer a more straightforward treat.

 Lorne Ice Cream and Smoothies

Lorne Ice Cream and Smoothies is a popular spot in Lorne for refreshing ice cream and smoothies. They offer a variety of delicious flavours to choose from. You can find this shop easily with its yellow sign on Mountjoy Parade. They also have sundaes for those looking for a healthier option. Enjoy a treat while on holiday!

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Surf Coast Strawberry Fields are in Mount Duneed

Before returning home from your summer holiday, consider stopping at Surf Coast Strawberry Fields. Please spend some time strawberry picking, and don't miss out on trying their delicious strawberry ice cream from the food truck on site.

No matter your choice or location, it is likely that you will enjoy trying these options. Consider trying all of them during your travels to determine your favourite.